What others are saying about Cisco UCS Mini Servers

What Customers are Saying

eHarmony had a big challenge - moving to next-gen IT infrastructure, stemming from a need to handle large amounts of big data and rapid growth. At the same time, the company needed to ‘maintain a service-level agreement of 99.9% to its members with fast response times across all platforms.’ That’s because, on a daily basis, eHarmony’s cutting edge technology creates ‘over three billion potential matches and delivers over 10 million fresh, authentic, and compatible matches worldwide”

“We have reduced our servers by 40% while supporting the same traffic” and “we use next-gen server architecture powered by Cisco UCS - ‘united computing system’, which allows the solution to manage competing resources but also storage under one centralised fabric component.” “So, the underlying server architecture used by Cisco UCS - on top of that the KVM hypervisor - enabled us to increase the cloud computer very quickly as we scale - we can easily add nodes very effectively.”

- Thod Nguyen, CTO of eHarmony; Article by Alex Zaharov-Reutt, ITWire

What the Press are Saying

Cisco’s Unified Computing System has been a storming success, boosting Cisco from nowhere to number three in the highly competitive blade server market, with $3 billion a year in revenues. The next step is to diversify - and recent UCS announcements are hitting on the hottest parts of the market.

There’s the low end, where UCS Mini lets small to medium companies get into the Cisco way with a small scale setup.

And now, there are M-Class (for Modular) servers, aimed at larger, so-called “scale-out” facilities.”

- Peter Judge, Data Center Dynamics

What Analysts are Saying

Cisco has done extremely well with UCS in the past five years,” says Jim Burton, a research director at Gartner. “They jumped into the marketplace fresh with nothing, and everyone said they wouldn’t succeed, and they have done remarkably well.”

In the fourth quarter of 2013, Cisco ranked fourth in terms of revenue from the worldwide server market, behind companies such as HP and IBM. Cisco had the largest revenue gain of any company, with server revenue jumping 34.5 percent, to $646.1 million, between 2012 and 2013.

Cisco isn’t just targeting the large enterprises but also remote office locations, places where the company has not had a lot of traction, Burton explains.”

- Jim Burton, Gartner; Article by Nicole Blake Johnson, BizTech

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